Mobile Grid’s family of juiceBOX solar generators and microgrid products expands the possibilities and potential to develop infrastructure worldwide.  Delivered fully assembled, wired, and tested, our systems reduce installation costs and mitigate the risks associated with traditional site built installations for on and off grid customers.  

juiceBOX units consist of an ISO container (available in 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, 48ft, and 53ft standard sizes) outfitted with Mobile Grid's proprietary solar racking and endcap housing batteries, inverters, and user controls. Container modifications and interior buildout are available upon request.

  • Shipped fully assembled, wired, and tested to reduce on site labor and logistics costs domestically and internationally (For large volume overseas orders, racks can ship as a kit of parts inside an ISO container for on site assembly under the supervision of Mobile Grid.) 
  • Deployable by two people within 30 minutes of unit arrival using a custom deployment carriage and lever system 
  • Engineered to 110 MPH wind loads in the folded position 
  • OSHA compliant without the need for special equipment 
  • Modular and scaleable to meet any load profile for on and off grid operation 
  • Cost effective and standardized CNC water jet and plasma cut components
  • Capable of serving a wide range of specialized building typologies and industries
  • Proprietary design 
  • Manufactured in the USA